The Best Human Resource Software In Kenya Now.Having interacted with numerous software’s in the course of our audits we have discovered most companies or business do no have a hr software.

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Most of the companies or businesses in Kenya do not have a human resource software.This illustrate a deep lying problems in the business.Employees should be an asset to the organization.Hence having a hr software gives the company peace of mind when managing their employees.

Why You Should have a Hr software?

Well,they are many reasons why your business should invest in a powerful hr software.

  1. Generating a Payslip for employees.A good hr software can enable the accountant or the hr manager to generate the payslip for each employee in the company.Once set the hr software will calculate everything ad give the final payslip.


  1. Track Employees progress.The hr software will track the progress of the employee since the day they joined to the day they leave the organization.


  1. Make Statutory deductions. A powerful hr system can make all the statutory deductions and also reflects o the payslip.Such as
  • KRA payee
  • NHIF
  • NSSF
  • HELB
  • P9 FORMS


4. Track employees leave dates.The hr system also allows for tracking of each employee leave dates and determine how many days were used up and how many are remaining.This makes it easier to manage than manual one.


5. Generate reports.The hr system also enables one to generate reports such as payee paid,deductions made and amount of net salaries paid to employees.This makes auditing easy since all data is in a central place.

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6. Generate P9 forms.These are forms used by individual employees to file their own KRA returns in each year.This form constitute the report of all the payslip figures for that accounting period.It is a requirement of the government that each business to provide their employees with a P9 form for KRA filling each year.


We recommend one human resource software which we found to be wholistic in their approach and covers many aspect of the employees data.It is simple to use and error free.Feel free to fill the form below and they shall contact you as soon as possible.Thank you and make a point of taking care of your employees.

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