Services offered at Jeff Mwangi & Co

Here at Jeff Mwangi & Company we offer diverse business solutions.Company Secretariat or Accountancy services rendered by certified professionals.

We provide tax consultancy services to our clients under our tax department. We are a Certified KRA tax consultants and are knowledgeable on the new Itax system.



  1.   To incorporate new companies.Both private and public limited companies.
  2.    Register new Business.Sole proprietorship and Partnerships
  3.    Resignation and/or appointment of directors or secretaries maximum four notification in total per year.
  4. To file company’s Annual Returns to the Registrar of Companies.



  1. Recommendations on areas of improvement in your accounting system
  2. Developing a finance Operations Manual
  3. Offering tips in establishing and dealing with fraud,
  4. Tips in recruiting qualified staff
  5. Tips in budgeting process
  6. Tips in preparing a cash flow forecast to deliver to your financiers banks
  7. Tips in effective procurement process.




  • Updating clients to the new I-tax system.
  • Filling KRA returns both personal and business for our clients.
  • Filling statutory deductions on behalf of our clients.NHIF, NSFF, PAYE,VAT among others.
  • Offer Advice  on tax planning and other technical tax issues.
  • Assisting clients and advising them on their investment projects to take advantage of existing tax laws and maximize on investment deductions and import duty credits;
  • Liaising with the tax authorities on waiver of penalties and interest and making the application on behalf of clients where appropriate.



  • Advising clients on the due dates for payment of installment and final taxes and submission of tax returns.
  • Payments of tax on behalf of clients using Itax platform
  • Assisting clients in preparing their tax computations.
  • Completing tax returns and filing them with the relevant authorities. These returns include the self assessment returns, PAYE, and withholding tax returns.
  • Handling all correspondence from KRA on our client’s behalf;
  • Helping our new clients  obtain PIN certificate and register relevant tax obligation using  KRA online  Itax platform  and other statutory bodies such as NSSF, and NHIF.